How many years experience do you have wrapping?
Our team has decades of experience individually working with graphics and wrapping.

How long does a full vehicle wrap last?
Full vehicle wraps typically last between 5-15 years depending on sun exposure and care.

Will you see paint damage under wrap?
Yes. Rub your hand along the surface – if you can FEEL it, you’ll be able to SEE It.

Does wrap stick to bondo or primer?
Most of the time its not an issue. However, the most ideal surface to lay vinyl on is painted.

Do you guys do body work?
No. Please make sure your surface is fully prepped prior to install.

How do I get started?
We will send official invoice to your email. You can pay 50% deposit online with “Pay Now” button. We will be notified immediately. Our team will contact you to schedule your project.

Vehicle Prep

Should I wash my vehicle before install?
Yes. You definitely want to prep your paint to its smoothest finish prior to install. A good rule of thumb is this … if you rub your hand along paint and you can FEEL the paint, then you will be able to see it beneath the finished wrap.

Vehicle Wrap Design Process

How does the design process work?
Our design team works predominantly by email. After the deposit for the project is made, you’ll send your project art and details to design@azwrapguys.com.

You can provide inspiration and direction to our designers who will then create renderings based upon your ideas. Based upon your feedback, additional revisions will be created until until you are absolutely satisfied with the design.

From the point of your approval of the design, the artwork is sent off to our print team to begin the print and installation process.

Vehicle Wrap Process

How long does installation process take?
Once your artwork is approved and finalized, your project will be scheduled for print and installation. We should only have your vehicle for a few business days.

Do you use premium wrap film?
We use only the best products on the market including Avery and 3M for all our premium graphics.

Does my wrap come with a warranty?
Yes, our warranty is directly from 3M covering all sun damage or install errors. It covers sun damage for 3 years on the vertical surfaces and 1 year on the horizontal surfaces.